Third NSERC ISSNet Summer School

July 10 -15, 2011: Third NSERC ISSNet Summer School

The third NSERC ISSNet Summer School was hosted from July 10 to 15, 2011 at University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.  An average of 43 participants attended each day.  Six co-investigators from three of eight partner universities; participants from all universities, including undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; and an industry representative, an international PhD student and several faculty from the University of Calgary, who had not previously been involved with ISSNet; participated throughout the week.  In total, 57 people were involved.

The format for the summer school included two science modules of 3 hours each, two science modules of six hours each, and one science module of nine hours; one official ISSNet networking event; and a two afternoons scheduled for independent networking opportunities.  One University of Calgary PhD student put together a beginner’s guide to the Calgary Stampede and a second graciously coordinated a Friday afternoon event, which included a car tour to Banff and Lake Louise. 

Throughout the week, the students and faculty were encouraged to network during breaks, lunch, dinner, and during the two afternoons specifically scheduled for independent networking.  These opportunities proved successful for connecting ISSNet members from across Canada.  Comments included, “…really nice to have some scheduled time for independent networking…” and “…made valuable networks that will last for years to come…”
Comments about the summer school in general included, “…liked the hands on opportunities,” “…well organized, informative, fun event…” and “…one of the best elements of the summer school was meeting people from across the country within a similar field of interest…” which would indicate that the event met the objective in the original proposal to “maximize the exchange of information and ideas with minimal distraction.”

Planning is underway for the next NSERC ISSNet Summer to be held at Dalhousie University in July 2012.