Third Annual NSERC ISSNet Workshop

April 26-29, 2011: Third Annual NSERC ISSNet Workshop

The third annual NSERC ISSNet Workshop was hosted at the Novotel Toronto Centre in Toronto from Tuesday, April 26 to Friday, April 29, 2011.

An average of 85 people attended during each of the three days.  Participants included ISSNet faculty researchers, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, government and industry representatives, members of the Board of Advisors and the Scientific Advisory Board.

ISSNet Co-investigators, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, representing all of the partner universities, and industry representatives attended the presentations on on-going research within the three Themes, “Network-oriented Security,” “Software Systems-oriented Security,” and “Human-oriented Security.”  The respective Co-investigators, or their designate, facilitated the sessions.  Three invited speakers from industry discussed their work and potential directions for future research. 

Postdoctoral fellow Gunes Kayacik chaired the Poster Session, a feature that was added to the Workshop in 2010.  This year, the posters were displayed for the duration of the event, giving the participants ample opportunity to review the content. Feedback suggests that the Poster Session is a positive addition to the Workshop.

Comments received at the conclusion of the Workshop included, “…had the opportunity to get good feedback on my research…” “…appreciated the opportunity to talk with people I wouldn’t have access to otherwise…,” and “the best element of the workshop was the engaging research talks.”  These comments would indicate that the Workshop met the objective from the original proposal to “provide an opportunity for investigators and their students to exchange research results and plan new collaborations.”

Planning is underway for the next NSERC ISSNet Workshop to be held in Kingston in April 2012.