Year 5 ISSNet Summer Event

NSERC ISSNet Summer Security Week - July 15 -19, 2013 at University of Calgary

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Registration:   Registration is now open.  Please click here to register.
Registration Fees (includes catered lunches, refreshments at breaks, identified networking receptions and applicable tax):
  • ISSNet / Researcher Rate [ISSNet Member, Alumni, University Professor, External Graduate Student]: $50 for one day; $100 for entire event;
  • Government / Industry Rate:$150 for one day;  $100/per day for 2 or more days 

If the registration fee causes financial difficulty that would prevent you from attending please contact us to discuss potential options.


Program Overview: 

All sessions will be held in the Alberta Room, Dining Centre, University of Calgary.   MAP

Monday, July 15  "Student Day" (half day)
12:00 - 13:00  Welcome Lunch
13:00 - 17:00  ISSNet Student Day: Invited Talks and Networking Activity (Student Day Co-Leaders: D. Barrera & E. Stobert)
18:00 - 20:00  Group Networking BBQ

Tuesday, July 16: "Government Day"
Cybersecurity and Research in Canada: The Role of Government (Government day sub-committee chair: S. Knight, Royal Millitary College of Canada).
8:30 - 17:00  Invited Speakers and Panels
18:00 -          Dinner - Students on own; Co-PI and guests (Senate Room) - "Government plans in security research and training"

Wednesday, July 17  "Academic Day"
Computer and Internet Security: Canadian University Researchers, Labs and Programs (Academic day sub-committee chair - Paul Van Oorschot, Carleton University)
8:30 - 17:00  Invited Speakers
18:00 -          Dinner - Students on own; Co-PI and guests (Senate Room) - "A look at Canadian security and privacy research and training"

Thursday, July 18:  "Industry Day"
Security & Privacy Research in Canada: Industry, Healthcare and University Interaction
(Industry day sub-commitee chair: Robert Biddle, Carleton University)
8:30 - 17:00   Invited Speakers
18:00 -           Group Networking BBQ

Friday, July 15  "Student Day" (half day)
9:00 - 12:30    ISSNet Student Day: "Two-Minute Madness", Breakout Session & wrap up.
12:30 -            lunch on own


Objectives: NSERC ISSNet is in the final year of its five-year mandate.   The last of ISSNet's 10 major networking events is scheduled to take place July 15-19, 2013 at the University of Calgary.  We are planning a pan-Canadian conference to engage stakeholders interested in the intersection of Internet security research and Canadian university researchers.  Our goals include bringing together active researchers and research partners to facilitate interaction, exchange of ideas, and discussion of current research; to facilitate strategic planning related to the future of security and privacy research in Canada; and to highlight, especially to government decision makers, the importance of developing Canadian highly qualified personnel (HQP) in security and privacy research.

We expect considerable government interest, in line with the view of the Canadian Minister of Public Safety [1]: “Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy is a cornerstone of our Government’s commitment to keep Canada – including our cyberspace – safe, secure and prosperous”.  We agree there is an urgent need for government to step forward to support the development of the technical expertise required to enable this strategy, and believe it is critically important that the Canadian government and society take strong, concrete actions in supporting research and training in the area of cyber security, if we are to remain globally competitive in an information and cyber-dependent world economy.  We believe a stronger, united approach and investment in greater HQP training capacity within Canada is needed. 

Plan:  Our final event aims to reach beyond the core of ISSNet co-Investigators and students, to a broader base of participants. We are planning the Monday and Friday events to be focusing on, and run by, security student research leaders, with the remaining days as follows:

Tuesday, July 16:  Cybersecurity and Research in Canada: The Role of Government  

Wednesday, July 17:  Computer and Internet Security: Canadian University Researchers, Labs and Programs 

Thursday, July 18:  Security & Privacy Research in Canada: Industry, Healthcare and University Interaction 

We envision a day - or more - of discussion around the role of government in cyber security research; a day involving academic researchers across Canada updating each other on their ongoing research programs and interests, related to practical Internet security and privacy; and a day of strong interaction from industry partners and companies involved in security and privacy research (including services and products) to explore how Canadian industrial, healthcare, government and university communities can work together to improve security and privacy infrastructure and expertise essential to Canadian society and our joint economic interests, including international strength.

Invitation to Speak or Propose Speakers:  We invite prospective participants in the Government Cybersecurity day (Tuesday July 16) and Industry Security day (Thursday July 18) to submit to the email address below, for consideration: proposed speakers (with proposed abstracts plus brief biographies), and proposed panels (topics plus panelists, including affiliation and brief biographies).  For the Academic Researchers’ day (Wednesday, July 17), we invite professors carrying out security and privacy research at a Canadian university to help populate our program---send your name, affiliation, URL of your research page, one-paragraph overview of your research and your institutions security and privacy training program, and how it relates to practical aspects of Internet security and privacy interests of the Canadian government, industry, and citizens. To accommodate a broad spectrum of speakers on the Academic Researchers’ day, our current plan is to block groups of 4 speakers into one-hour slots, consisting of brief overviews followed by the majority of each hour for questions and discussion.  

Join the dialogue by contacting us today with your suggestions and proposals:

[1] Government of Canada. (2010). Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy: For a Stronger and More Prosperous Canada. Cat. No.: PS4-102/201E-PDF, ISBN: 978-1-100-16934-7.