December 17, 2009: Dr. Andrew Warfield joins NSERC ISSNet

Dr. Andrew Warfield was officially welcomed to NSERC ISSNet as a co-investigator on December 6, 2009.  Dr. Warfield is currently an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  In September 2009, he was appointed Canada Research Chair in Computer Systems and Security and in January 2010 he will commence a tenure-track position in that department.  Dr. Warfield’s research aligns very well with ISSNet's scope and he is anticipating contributing to all themes of the network.

November 11, 2009: NSERC ISSNet launches Member Resources pages on the Web site

NSERC ISSNet is pleased to announce the launch of the private Member Resources pages on the Web site. 

Members of the network can now access general information including a calendar of events, a non-technical discussion forum and other resources such as registration forms for upcoming events.  In addition, research-specific discussion forums are provided to facilitate ongoing dialogue related to research ideas, projects, problems, solutions and resources. 

Presentations from past events; and registration, agenda and abstracts for future events, will now be available in one central location.

ISSNet members are encouraged to use this valuable tool to expand exchanges and collaborations with other members.  Suggestions of ways to develop the site to enhance the ISSNet experience are welcome.

If an ISSNet member has not already received an invitation to register or if members have questions or comments about the Web site they are asked to contact Charlene Kennett today.  

August 2 – 7, 2009: First Annual Summer School meets objective

The first annual NSERC ISSNet Summer School was hosted at École Polytechnique de Montréal from Sunday, August 2 to Friday, August 7, 2009. The week began with an informal networking dinner held in the common room of Les Studios Hôtel, the University of Montreal residences. Dr. José Fernandez, the Summer School host, welcomed the participants. Instructors from six of eight partner universities presented thirty hours of curriculum:

  • Dr. José Fernandez, ISSNet faculty researcher and host of the Summer School, École Polytechnique de Montréal - “Intro to the Summer School” and “Intro to Experimental Security Research”
  • Dr. John Aycock, ISSNet faculty researcher, University of Calgary - “Phishing and Anti-Phishing” and “Simulating the Internet on One Computer
  • Dr. Scott Knight, ISSNet faculty researcher, Royal Military College of Canada - “Network Devices and Protocol Abuse” and “Perimeter Defence and Perimeter Penetration”
  • Mr. Lionel Litty, PhD candidate, University of Toronto -- “Virtualization and Security Research”
  • Dr. Kosta Beznosov, ISSNet faculty researcher, University of British Columbia -- “Access Control”
  • Dr. Robert Biddle, ISSNet faculty researcher, Carleton University, Dr. Sonia Chiasson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Carleton University, and Dr. Kirstie Hawkey, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia -- “Usable Security”

In total, forty-eight people were involved over the week, with an average of thirty-five students, representing all partner universities, attending each day. The participants were encouraged to network during breaks, lunch and dinner. Many positive comments were received about how successful these opportunities were for connecting with ISSNet members from across Canada. On Thursday evening participants attended an organized networking dinner at Le Vieux Port Steakhouse. Feedback about the Summer School included, “great courses, both technical and hands-on,” “a chance to experience different fields of study in computer security,“ and “plenty of time for networking,” all which would indicate that the event met the objective from the original proposal to “maximize the exchange of information and ideas with minimal distraction.” Plans are now underway for the next NSERC ISSNet Summer School to be hosted at the University of British Columbia in July 2010.

June 29, 2009: New NSERC ISSNet Web site launch

In conjunction with the first annual NSERC ISSNet Workshop, the first phase of the new NSERC ISSNet Web site has been launched. Please take a look through the site and send us your comments at Charlene Kennett.