NSERC ISSNet Research Themes Overview

NSERC ISSNet research is organized under three themes.  Click here to view  Published Research

Theme 1:  Network-Oriented Security

Covers aspects of security in which communications networks provides a focus.

Theme Leader           Bill Aiello (University of British Columbia)

Project 1.1                 Network Traffic Classification and Analysis
Project Leader          Carey Williamson (University of Calgary)

Project 1.2                 Enterprise Defence and Network Hardening
Project Leader          Scott Knight (Royal Military College of Canada)

Project 1.3                 Botnet Analysis and Supporting Infrastructure
Project Leaders        José Fernandez (École Polytechnique de Montréal), and
                                   Stephen Neville (University of Victoria)


Theme 2:  Software Systems-Oriented Security

Covers those aspects of security that focus on computers that are network accessible.

Theme Leader:         David Lie (University of Toronto)

Project 2.1                 Software System Hardening and Virtual Machine Monitor Technologies
Project Leader          Andrew Warfield (University of British Columbia)

Project 2.2                 Ensuring Software Integrity of Hosts (both local and remote hosts)
Project Leader          Anil Somayaji (Carleton University)

Project 2.3                 Host-based Detection of Malicious Activity
Project Leader          John Aycock (University of Calgary)


Theme 3:   Human-Oriented Security

Addresses a variety of issues associated with human-computer interaction and information visualization in a security context. 

Theme Leader           Robert Biddle (Carleton)

Project 3.1                 Usability of Authentication and Access Control Mechanisms
Project Leader          Kosta Beznosov (University of British Columbia)

Project 3.2                 Human Behaviour and Computer Security
Project Leader          Sonia Chiasson (Carleton University)

Project 3.3                 Visualisation for Understanding Network Behaviour and Security Management
Project Leader           Nur Zincir-Heywood (Dalhousie University)