Sponsoring Partners

NSERC ISSNet’s major industry, university and governement sponsors include BC Government Office of the CIOCA Labs, Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre, Carleton UniversityBlackBerry, and Trend Micro Canada Technologies Inc.
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ISSNet Sponsoring Partners Benefits:

Access to

  • World-class researchers
  • Upcoming talent (Doctoral students and Post Doctoral Fellows)
  • Early review of cutting-edge research results
  • High quality, cost-effective research collaboration between university and partner
  • Member resources on the Web site

Potential to

  • Reduce overhead costs for collaborative research
  • Influence the direction of the research
  • Serve on ISSNet boards and committees
  • Attend the summer schools and/or the workshops
  • Contribute to the summer schools and/or the workshops
Please contact ISSNet Director of Operations at shirley_mckey(at)issnet.ca, for additional information regarding sponsorship opportunities.